Connecticut Reports on the First Year of Election Day Registration

In November 2013, when Connecticut offered Election Day registration for the first time, 2,900 voters registered at the polls, according to data from the secretary of state’s office. 

Statewide, 634,875 individuals voted in that election, meaning that Election Day registrants made up almost 0.5 percent of all voters. Connecticut’s House Bill 5024 implemented Election Day registration; nine other states and the District of Columbia also allow registration at the polls on Election Day.

Elections are administered at the town level in Connecticut. New Haven had the most Election Day registrants: 202, or 1 percent of the town’s 21,120 voters. The only other town with more than 100 Election Day registrants was New Britain, which had 164, or 1.7 percent of the town’s 9,568 voters. 

The town with the largest turnout was Stamford, which had 61 Election Day registrants, or 0.3 percent of its 21,441 voters.

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