National HIA Meeting 2013: HIA 101 Track – Assessment 101: Strategies and Resources for Approaching HIA's Most Well-Known Step


This session will provide an overview of key components, issues, and strategies for assessment work in HIA. To help highlight assessment issues and strategies, two case studies will be presented. In addition, staff of the EPA’s Office of Research and Development will discuss their efforts to support HIA assessment work through the development and dissemination of appropriate datasets, models, and methods.


Bethany Rogerson, Health Impact Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts


Steve White, Oregon Public Health Institute

Assessing the Health Impacts of the City of Portland’s Rental Housing Inspections Program (PDF)

Peter James, Metropolitan Area Planning Council

HIA Assessment 101: Methods for Quantitative Assessment (PDF)

Valerie Zartarian, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

C-FERST and Other EPA Tools: Facilitating Community Decision-making and Informing HIA Assessments (PDF)

Media Contact

Tami Holzman

Officer, Communications