National HIA Meeting 2013: General Session – A New Model of Stakeholder Participation for Rapid HIAs


This session will encourage discussion of the rapid HIA model through lessons learned from completed projects. Topics will include when it is appropriate, considerations around stakeholder engagement, and its limitations. The range of projects that have applied HIA as a tool for stakeholder engagement and community organizing has broadened since the practice began, and many potential swift‐moving projects can benefit from an agile, more participatory and community‐centric model. The rapid HIA model distills the essential steps of HIA into a more approachable package that draws on the strengths of community expertise and experience.


Casey Tsui, Human Impact Partners


Jonathan Heller, Human Impact Partners

The Rapid Process HIA (PDF)

Paulina Gonzalez, Strategic Actions for a Just Community

South Los Angeles (PDF)

Becky Dennison, Los Angeles Community Action Network

Slide Images (PDF)

Media Contact

Tami Holzman

Officer, Communications