Going with the Flow: B.J. Traill Explores Australia's Magnificent Channel Country

Outback Australia - Channel CountryBirdlife Australia, which is devoted to protecting Australia's native birds and habitat, has published an article on the country's Channel Country region in the latest edition of its quarterly magazine. Written by B.J. Traill of the Pew Environment Group, the piece is an incredible photographic journey through one of the most unusual landscapes on Earth.

Channel Country contains three river systems, which flood annually across thousands of miles, moving life-giving water from the country's tropical north to its arid center. When the natural flooding from the Cooper Creek, Diamantina, and Georgina rivers reaches the region, wildlife—in particular, waterbirds—migrate across the country to breed and feed. The campaign to protect this region is led by Pew manager Rupert Quinlan, who obtained a huge win last year for conservation, obtaining protection of these vast Channel Country river systems under Queensland's Wild Rivers Act.

Explore the vivid landscapes of Channel Country and take in the sheer scale of the bird migrations that make this area so captivating.

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