National HIA Meeting 2012 - The Importance of the Community Perspective in HIA

This session will examine the role of HIA as a tool for community engagement, capacity building, and ultimately improved decision making in different projects in the U.S. Presenters will focus on best practices to effectively build meaningful and sustainable commnunity engagement through the HIA proces. Case studies will provide concrete examples of how community participation led to successful HIAs and better-informed decisions.

Moderator: Kim Gilhuly, Human Impact Partners

Ame-Lia Tamburrini, Habitat Health Impact Consulting

The Importance of Community Engagement, as Outlined in the Best Practices Guide on Stakeholder Engagement (PDF)

Kate Hess Pace, ISAIAH

Healthy Corridor for All HIA – Minneapolis, MN (PDF)

Aaron Wernham, Health Impact Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Alaska North Slope Oil Exploration HIA – Barrow, AK (PDF)

Pilar Lorenzana-Campo, Public Health Law and Policy

Lake Merritt BART HIA – Oakland, CA (PPS)

Media Contact

Tami Holzman

Officer, Communications