National HIA Meeting 2012 Policy Maker Track Institutionalizing HIA


This panel will illustrate examples of how HIA is being institutionalized in practice. Each presenter team includes an HIA practitioner and an official from the agency whose decision(s) are being informed by HIAs. Each presentation will address their experience with HIA; the value of doing HIA and whether or not HIA is redundant with other studies; any concerns or challenges that have arisen and how they have been resolved.

Moderator: Aaron Wernham, Health Impact Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Paul Anderson, HIA Program Manager, Alaska Department of Public Health
Ed Fogels, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Suzanne Condon, Associate Commissioner and Director of the Bureau of Environmental Health, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Ned Codd, Director of Project-oriented Planning, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Rajiv Bhatia, Director of Environmental Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Paul Lord, Senior Planner, San Francisco Planning Department

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