U.S. Ocean Conservation

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Our fact sheets are easy-to-understand guides to many of the major fish issues in U.S. Oceans. For more in-depth details, view our letters to policy makers, testimony and other reports.

Research & Analysis

  • Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper May Be Headed for Deep Trouble

    Red snapper’s road to recovery is getting a lot bumpier in the Gulf of Mexico. Last week’s decision by the federal government to disregard science-based quotas and allow more recreational fishing days—plus separate proposals by fishery managers and members of Congress to change who manages the species, and how—could undermine the progress of this once-depleted population. Read More

  • Catching Swordfish Without Harming Other Marine Life Off The West Coast

    A growing number of Americans care about the way their seafood is caught, and swordfish is no exception. That care sometimes turns to alarm when people learn that a significant amount of the marine wildlife caught by drift gillnets in the swordfish fishery off the California coast is discarded—usually dead or seriously injured. The victims of this indiscriminate fishing method include... Read More

  • Shad Fisherman Carries On Family Tradition as Catch Dwindles

    For more than 20 years, Steve Meserve has run the Lewis Fishery, the last commercial shad operation on the Delaware River. He is the fourth generation to lead the Lambertville, New Jersey, business. Like his great-grandfather captain Bill Lewis, who turned the former American Shad Fishery into the Lewis Fishery in 1888, Meserve is a proud steward of the river. Read More