U.S. Ocean Conservation

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Our fact sheets are easy-to-understand guides to many of the major fish issues in U.S. Oceans. For more in-depth details, view our letters to policy makers, testimony and other reports.

Research & Analysis

  • Oregon Managers Adopt Robust Plan to Protect Forage Fish

    At its September meeting, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted a Forage Fish Management Plan to protect six broad groups of forage fish species in state-managed marine waters, from the coast to 3 miles into the Pacific Ocean. Commercial fishing of lanternfish, sand lance, saury, silverside, smelt, and several types of squid will be prohibited unless and until science clearly shows that... Read More

  • 2016 Our Ocean Conference

    Secretary of State John Kerry will host the third annual Our Ocean conference in Washington from Sept. 15 and 16. Global leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations will discuss the major challenges facing the world’s oceans and how to address them. Read More

  • The Case for a Marine National Monument Off New England

    In the year since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began seeking public input on whether to permanently protect three deep-sea ocean canyons and four underwater mountains about 150 miles southeast of Cape Cod, the case for such protection has grown significantly.  Read More