U.S. Ocean Conservation

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  • Marine Scientist Follows Hot Fish as They Move to Cooler Waters

    Warming oceans have fish on the move, and one man is in hot pursuit. That man, Rutgers University marine biologist Malin Pinsky, has tracked fish species all over North American waters to learn where they’re headed in search of cooler conditions. Read More

  • Little Fish, Big Deal

    Forage fish—small, schooling prey species such as sardine, anchovy, and Pacific saury—provide food that sustains a multitude of marine life and are an economic driver for coastal communities. On the heels of a pivotal campaign victory to protect several species of forage fish in federal Pacific Ocean waters, Pew’s Pacific Ocean conservation campaign will host a public forum in... Read More

  • Pew Applauds Creation of First Marine National Monument in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean

    WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama announced today the designation of the first marine national monument in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean—the 4,913-square-mile (12,696-square-kilometer) Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. The monument, which begins about 150 miles off the New England coastline, is an unusually diverse and productive environment. It contains three... Read More