U.S. Ocean Conservation

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  • Little Fish Mean Business

    More than 50 marine species that are important to the California Current ecosystem and the West Coast economy depend on northern anchovies as a vital part of their diets, including seabirds, salmon, tuna, whales, and porpoises. Read More

  • Ancient Deep Sea Corals Need Protection From Modern Threats

    For 90 minutes, Sandra Brooke sat in the chilly darkness of a titanium sphere as she dropped more than 8,000 feet into the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica. When she and another scientist in the small submarine reached the bottom, where two of the Earth’s tectonic plates meet, their onboard pilot flipped on the outside lights. Read More

  • With New Fish Rule, NOAA Lets the Big One Get Away

    In October the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which oversees our nation’s fisheries, passed up a chance to take a major step toward EBFM. In revising a set of guidelines called National Standard 1—a critical reference for fisheries managers as they implement the nation’s primary fishing law, the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management... Read More