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The Pew Charitable Trusts illuminates states’ fiscal challenges through research, including comprehensive 50-state assessments. In these assessments, we rate the states on their performance, highlighting effective approaches and creating pressure for reform. Our team uses its expertise to examine key trends in state finances—including revenues, expenditures, and borrowing. We also track and compare state budget policies, including budget stabilization funds and forecasting practices. Our goal is to provide data, analysis, and guidance to help state policymakers manage economic and revenue volatility, improve transparency, and increase fiscal health over the long term.

Research & Analysis

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  • State Prison Health Care Spotlight Series

    To accompany its October 2017 report “Prison Health Care: Costs and Quality—How and Why States Strive for High-Performing Systems,” The Pew Charitable Trusts has published a series of analyses that explain key findings and themes on how health care is funded and delivered in state-run prisons, as well as how care continuity is facilitated upon release of those who have been... Read More

  • How States Allocate Their Prison Health Care Dollars

    Prison health care spending varies dramatically among states even though they have common goals, such as meeting constitutional obligations to provide “reasonably adequate” health care, strengthening public health, protecting public safety, and practicing fiscal prudence. This variation in spending among states raises questions about what causes the variation and what it... Read More

  • Prison Health Care Spending Varies Dramatically by State

    Every state has an interest in delivering health care in its prisons that conforms to constitutional requirements and leverages opportunities to improve public health and reduce crime and recidivism. Nevertheless, the provision of care throughout the country varies significantly. There is no starker evidence of this dissimilarity than the wide range in what states spend per inmate. Read More

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