State Health Care Spending

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Policymakers want to better understand how much states spend on health care overall, how that amount has changed over time, what is driving it higher, and which policy approaches are containing costs while improving health outcomes.

State Health Care Spending Project Reports

These reports provide 50-state analysis of states’ spending on health care.

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Research & Analysis

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  • How Medicaid Enrollment of Inmates Facilitates Health Coverage After Release

    As more states and localities have begun to re-evaluate and reform their criminal justice systems in recent years, policymakers have devoted increased attention to the health care provided to individuals transitioning in and out of prisons and jails. Read More

  • State and Local Correctional Health Care Spending

    Effectively administering health care programs is a critical element of sound fiscal management for state and local governments. As health care and corrections have emerged in recent years as fiscal pressure points, so too has the intersection of these two spheres—health care for inmates. The manner in which states and localities manage prison and jail health care services affects taxpayers’... Read More

  • Substance Use Disorder and the Role of States

    October marks National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, which was first instituted by President Barack Obama in 2011. In the proclamation issued by the president, he asked Americans to “come together to acknowledge the role every person can play in preventing substance abuse and recommit to fostering a culture where all our people can live up to their fullest potential.” Despite all... Read More

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