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  • In-Depth Investigations of Foodborne Outbreaks Can Help Prevent New Ones

    For those who produce our food and oversee its safety, understanding how and why a foodborne disease outbreak occurred is a vital step in avoiding future ones and reducing the estimated 48 million illnesses caused each year by Salmonella, E. coli, and other microorganisms. The Pew Charitable Trusts is working with federal food safety officials, representatives of food companies, and other experts... Read More

  • Safer Meat and Poultry Require Updated Slaughter Inspection Practices

    To improve protection, the U.S. Department of Agriculture should better align its inspections with the risks posed to human health, a determination that should be made based on a range of relevant factors, including the particular animals slaughtered, products produced, and food facilities involved. Read More

  • Food Safety From Farm to Fork

    Contaminated meat and poultry products are responsible for an estimated 2 million illnesses in the UnitedStates each year, and amount to more than 40 percent of all bacterial foodborne diseases. The annual cost ofillnesses—for instance, direct medical costs, lost income, and productivity—attributable to consumption ofthese foods has been estimated at about $2.5 billion for poultry,... Read More

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