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  • Workplace Retirement Plans Tend to Sharpen Focus on Financial Futures

    For many, retirement security in the United States is uncertain. Experts recommend that Americans havemultiple sources of retirement income—including Social Security, personal savings, and employer-sponsoredsavings plans—to ensure financial health after their working years. However, more than one-third of all privatesector workers lack access to a workplace plan. Moreover, 31 percent of those... Read More

  • States Considering Measures to Boost Private Sector Retirement Savings

    Most Americans save for retirement through employer-provided plans, but over 30 million private sector workers lack access to a plan through their jobs. The availability of savings opportunities varies significantly by state. Since legislative efforts began in earnest in 2012, 80 percent of states have considered—or are considering—legislation to address gaps in access. Eight—California,... Read More

  • Retirement Savings: Barriers to Savings

    Americans typically rely on employer-sponsored plans for retirement savings, yet nearly half of U.S. firms—and 70 percent of small businesses—do not offer workers this option. Research by Pew explores the challenges that confront businesses trying to establish plans and workers who need to accumulate and maintain retirement savings. Read More

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