Retirement Savings

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  • Many Workers Have Limited Understanding of Retirement Plan Fees

    Retirement savings plans such as 401(k)s usually place the responsibility for selecting and managing investments with individual workers. These choices can feel overwhelming for many employees, who may be unsure how much they need to save, have more pressing financial concerns than saving for what feels like a far-off retirement, and often lack the financial resources or educational background to... Read More

  • The Pew Retirement Savings Project

    Families in the United States face substantial and growing challenges in trying to build their retirement savings. The nation’s private sector retirement system has been in a period of significant transition with the decline of defined benefit pension plans and the proliferation of employer-based retirement plans, such as 401(k)s. Still, about 30 million full-time private sector... Read More

  • Financial Shocks Put Retirement Security at Risk

    Because most households have relatively fixed and expected expenses each month, a single financial shock— such as a major car repair or a sudden loss of income—can make meeting those obligations more difficult. When Americans experience these unexpected expenses, most look to multiple sources of money. Read More

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