Retirement Savings

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  • The States’ Retirement-Savings Social Experiment

    Concerned about private-sector employees’ lack of retirement savings and the potential impact on poverty levels, and subsequently on state budgets, legislators in nine states—California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington—have enacted programs designed to remedy both problems. Read More

  • A Pew Discussion: The Effect of Insufficient Retirement Savings

    On March 12, Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella and experts from Philadelphia-based Econsult Solutions joined The Pew Charitable Trusts in a discussion about a new report quantifying the fiscal and economic costs of insufficient retirement savings. The repercussions of this savings deficit affect every state and include increased public assistance costs, reduced tax revenue, decreased... Read More

  • Retirement Plans: Part of a Better Financial Future in Pennsylvania

    Retirement income from a variety of sources—including Social Security, personal savings, and employer-sponsored savings plans—ensures a sound financial future. But for many Americans, a part of this puzzle is missing. More than a third of all private sector workers lack access to a workplace plan—and 31 percent of those whose employers do offer retirement benefits don’t... Read More

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