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  • With Bills on the Table, Congress Must Heed the Call to Fix National Parks

    Congress created the National Park Service (NPS) in 1916 and tasked it with caring for our nation’s treasured parks. As our National Park System begins its second century, it should be a showcase of smart technology, energy and cost efficiencies, and best practices in visitor and facility management. Instead, the NPS lacks the resources it needs to carry out its mission on behalf of the... Read More

  • Resources for NABJ Annual Convention Attendees

    Pew will host a panel discussion to examine the enormous fiscal challenge facing the National Park Service (NPS). It manages 417 sites, including all national parks and many national monuments and historical sites. Many are badly in need of repairs—on everything from crumbling roads to deteriorating historic buildings—totaling an estimated $11.3 billion.  Read More

  • Our National Parks Need Updates; Congress Can Help

    In many of the more than 400 sites in the National Park System, potholed roads, out-of-service restrooms, shuttered historic homes, closed trails, broken HVAC systems, and electrical fire hazards are degrading the visitor experience—in large part because of shortfalls in congressional funding needed to maintain the National Park Service’s aging infrastructure. The result? A backlog of... Read More

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