Public Safety Performance Project

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The Public Safety Performance Project conducts and publishes groundbreaking research that sheds light on key criminal and juvenile corrections trends and highlights policies and practices that demonstrate better outcomes at less cost.

Recent Work

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  • Public Safety in Oklahoma

    In June 2016, Oklahoma leaders from all three branches of government charged the Oklahoma Justice Reinvestment Task Force with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the state’s criminal justice system and developing a set of data-driven recommendations to protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, control costs, and reduce the population under correctional control. Read More

  • West Virginia’s 2015 Juvenile Justice Reform

    In 2015, West Virginia enacted S.B. 393, a bill to improve juvenile justice policies based on recommendations from a bipartisanstate task force. The law will reduce the placement of low-level youth offenders in state-funded facilities and steer resourcestoward community-based sanctions and services that cost less and are more effective at reducing recidivism. The changes areprojected to cut the... Read More

  • Recidivism Study Offers Lessons for Federal Policy

    Most national studies of recidivism have focused on state-level inmates, who make up the bulk of the country’s incarcerated population, while overlooking the more than 54,000 offenders who leave federal prison each year. Read More

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