Protecting Life in the Arctic


  • New Video Explores Why Manitoba’s Beluga Estuaries Deserve Protection

    As the sea ice recedes each summer, more than 57,000 beluga whales return to the estuaries of Manitoba’s southwestern Hudson Bay to molt, feed, and give birth. A new video released this week by The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Oceans North Canada project documents the crucial role these biologically rich estuaries play as the belugas’ summer home. Read More

  • Listening for Narwhal

    Riding over rough sea ice on the back of a snowmobile in near-whiteout conditions, it was hard to imagine that the area would be ice-free in only a few short weeks. Spring on north Baffin Island meant that I was setting out to do narwhal research wearing three layers plus my winter parka. Our three-member team left the community of Pond Inlet and traveled south into Milne Inlet, a summering area... Read More

  • Protecting Manitoba's White Whales

    Each summer, as the sea ice recedes, more than 57,000 beluga whales return to the estuaries along western Hudson Bay in Manitoba. These inlets provide critical seasonal habitat for an estimated one-third of the planet’s belugas. Read More

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