Philadelphia Research Initiative

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The Philadelphia research initiative produces in-depth, data-driven reports on some of the major issues facing Philadelphia for the benefit of decision makers, news media and the public at large. In addition, the Initiative produces shorter briefing papers that illuminate front-and-center issues in a timely fashion. When possible, reports describe the conditions and policy approaches in comparable cities. Reports always strive to include viewpoints of key stakeholders and never promote a predetermined policy agenda.

Research & Analysis

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  • A New Way of Looking at Philadelphians

    Since 2009, The Pew Charitable Trusts has produced detailed research about Philadelphia, analyzing the challenges the city has faced and documenting the ways the city has changed. As part of that research, Pew has commissioned public opinion polls on a regular basis, gauging residents’ views on the quality of city services, the condition of neighborhoods, and the outlook for the future. A... Read More

  • Library Visits Down, but Digital Uses Rising

    One of the concerns facing those who operate, fund, and care about libraries is whether use of brick-and-mortar facilities will decline as people become more accustomed to reading e-books and accessing other services online. Read More

  • Why Vacant Schools Still Sit Empty

    Large numbers of public schools have closed in cities across the country in recent years. In 2013, Pew’s Philadelphia research initiative examined the struggles that Philadelphia and other urban districts have faced in finding new uses for these shuttered buildings. One key finding from the analysis was that there is no guarantee that vacant schools will be successfully reused simply... Read More

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