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  • Job Growth and Decline, 2004-14

    In the past decade, the number of jobs in Philadelphia has grown by less than 2 percent. Compared with the Philadelphia metropolitan region and the country as a whole, the city has tended to gain fewer jobs during boom times but also lose less during tough times. Its lackluster job-creation record has been a perennial conundrum for city leaders and a problem for the unemployed, many of whom lack... Read More

  • Operational Revenue per Student in Comparable Urban Districts

    In recent years the School District of Philadelphia has confronted one fiscal crisis after another. This chart shows how the district’s economic resources compare with those of 10 similar big-city districts. The Philadelphia district’s per-student operational revenue (excluding capital funds and debt service) totaled $12,570 in 2013-14. That was fourth-lowest out of 11 districts examined in Pew’s... Read More

  • Philadelphia’s Changing Racial/Ethnic Makeup

    For decades, Philadelphia could be understood largely in terms of blacks and whites. That is no longer the case. Fueled by the arrival of thousands of immigrants, the city 's Hispanic and Asian populations have grown dramatically and now represent one-fifth of the overall population. How big a factor these groups will become in the city's public life remains to be seen. Read More

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