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  • What Am I Looking At?

    Thanks to advanced imaging techniques, biomedical researchers are able to create clearer pictures than ever before of cells, molecules, and other microscopic machinery—revealing new and fascinating details about how our bodies work. Take the quiz and see if you can guess what’s what in their stunning images. Read More

  • The Evolution of an Early-Career Scientist

    The website of 2012 Pew scholar Nels Elde quotes Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass: “It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.” The character speaking those words became the namesake for a leading idea in evolutionary science: the Red Queen hypothesis. It suggests that at the molecular level, organisms take up “arms races” against... Read More

  • Immunobiology: Decoding Cellular Conversations

    2011 Pew biomedical scholar Michael Kuhns studies the processes leading to immunity in vertebrates. As an assistant professor of immunobiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, he's researching how cells communicate with each other to induce the appropriate immune response to an invading pathogen or a vaccine. Read More

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