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  • Teeming With Wildlife, the Seas of the South Sandwich Islands Merit Protection Now

    In a remote and wind-swept area of the Southern Ocean, over 2,500 kilometres east of South America, sits South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The islands and the surrounding seas are teeming with wildlife, including penguins, whales, fur seals, and albatrosses. Such globally significant wildlife—and the fact that a large proportion of these waters are isolated and unexploited by... Read More

  • How Much of the Ocean Is Really Protected?

    Our planet is home to wonderfully diverse natural habitats that support a huge range of life. But many of those places—and the species that rely on them—are under threat. Sufficiently protecting them requires a broad, multinational effort, which is why bodies such as the United Nations set conservation targets. While governments around the world have safeguarded large areas of land,... Read More

  • In 2017, Saving the Planet One Month at a Time

    To successfully protect the environment, many stakeholders must work together, give local communities control over conservation initiatives, and respect indigenous cultures and practices. The wide range of conservation wins in 2017 shows what’s possible when political and advocacy leaders recognize and act on those truths. Here are some of the year’s highlights showing how The Pew... Read More

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