Pacific Ocean Conservation

Our fact sheets and other materials are easy-to-understand guides to many of the major fishery issues along the U.S. West Coast. For more in-depth details, view our letters to policy makers, testimony, and other reports.

Research & Analysis

  • The Bottom Line

    Lee Crockett's “Overfishing 101” blog provided an authoritative primer on federal fisheries policy. It also spotlighted historic milestones and celebrated success stories. His new series, “The Bottom Line,” will continue to explore fisheries management issues, while taking on other related subjects to provide a more in-depth look at the issues facing our ocean fish. With this blog, we hope... Read More

  • There's a Better Way than Drift Gillnets

    West Coast residents take pride in managing natural resources sustainably. However, many would be surprised to learn that off the California coast, thousands of animals are unnecessarily entangled and killed by an indiscriminate form of fishing gear targeting swordfish and thresher sharks. Read More

  • Conservation Voices: Q&A with Bob and Sally Kurz

    Bob and Sally Kurz have shared a deep passion for fishing throughout their 47-year marriage. Bob’s career as a naval officer enabled the couple to fish the ocean from Guam to Norfolk, Virginia. Read More

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