Pacific Ocean Conservation


  • Little Fish Mean Business

    More than 50 marine species that are important to the California Current ecosystem and the West Coast economy depend on northern anchovies as a vital part of their diets, including seabirds, salmon, tuna, whales, and porpoises. Read More

  • Little Fish, Big Deal

    Forage fish—small, schooling prey species such as sardine, anchovy, and Pacific saury—provide food that sustains a multitude of marine life and are an economic driver for coastal communities. On the heels of a pivotal campaign victory to protect several species of forage fish in federal Pacific Ocean waters, Pew’s Pacific Ocean conservation campaign will host a public forum in... Read More

  • By Protecting Forage Fish, Oregon Can Help Boost Ocean Health

    It’s not every day that representatives of sport fishing, commercial fishing, and conservation organizations can find common ground. Yet when it comes to maintaining a cornerstone of a healthy Pacific Ocean, the three of us are in full agreement. While we may have differing views on some fishery management policies, we know that a productive ocean benefits everyone—from those of us... Read More

Little Forage Fish are A Big Deal

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