Outback to Oceans Australia

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The Pew Charitable Trusts works in partnership with local communities and science research, conservation and land management organisations to secure long-term protection and hands-on stewardship of Australia’s Outback. Our work traverses the continent and extends to the nation’s diverse seas.

National Campaigns

Find out more about Outback Australia, the country’s national network of marine sanctuaries, and...

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State Campaign: Western Australia

Find out more about protection of the Kimberley, the West Australia Outback, the Southwest...

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State Campaign: Northern Territory

Find out more about the Top End’s extraordinary coasts and lifestyle, Indigenous Rangers...

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State Campaign: Queensland

Find out more about Channel Country and the rivers that flow to Lake Eyre, Cape York’s natural...

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State Campaign: New South Wales

Find out more about the success of the state’s marine sanctuaries.

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