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  • Sentinels Of the Ocean

    This report summarizes current scientific understanding of penguin biology and the place of these important seabirds in the global ecosystem. It also offers some general recommendations for safeguarding penguins, including ocean zoning, ecosystem-based management, and habitat protections. Read More

  • Fishing Amplifies Forage Fish Collapses

    A new study shows for the first time that fishing likely worsens population collapses in a group of small but important species known as forage fish. Some of the largest fisheries in the world target forage fish, such as anchovies and sardines. These “baitfish” are also a key source of food for larger marine animals, including tuna, salmon, seabirds, and whales. Read More

  • New Study Outlines Range of Climate-Ready Options for Fisheries Managers

    Ocean warming and acidification are already having measurable effects on marine ecosystems, but their implications for the future are substantially more serious. They already appear to be changing productivity, shifting populations, and damaging the carbonate shells of plankton and shellfish. To date, however, fishery managers have faced challenges in incorporating these anticipated changes into... Read More

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