Environmental Science

Pew’s 2018 Marine Fellows

Projects focus on coastal ecosystems, warming waters, marine debris, and more.

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See It, Post It: Citizen Data 

Locals use fledgling network to help track environmental change.

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Forage Fish: Little Fish With a Big Impact

These small fish are the primary food source for many marine mammals, seabirds, and larger fish...

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Learning From Our Oceans About Climate Change

The world’s oceans influence the weather on a local and global scale, and changes in the...

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Understanding Marine Protected Areas

Mounting scientific evidence shows that exempting large areas of the ocean from fishing...

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Penguins: Studying the World's Ocean Sentinels

Through penguins, scientists can learn about the health of marine ecosystems and use this...

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Sharks: Understanding the Apex Predator

Sharks are critical players in the ocean ecosystem. However, they are being fished and killed at...

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Tuna: Learning About the World's Most Valuable Fish

Tuna species are found throughout the world's oceans. However, as a result of overfishing...

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Understanding the Challenges of Overfishing

Overfishing is when species are taken from the sea at rates too high for the fish to replace...

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Oceans and the Global Economy

People in coastal countries depend on healthy oceans and fisheries for their livelihood. But...

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The Science Behind Big-Picture Fisheries Management

Historically, the focus is on one species at a time when determining how, when, and where...

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Catch Reconstruction: Finding the Missing Fish

One promising approach to better capturing the scale of fishing around the world is “catch...

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