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The world's oceans are vitally important to all life on Earth. However, human activities are altering marine ecosystems in highly detrimental ways. To better protect our oceans, we need a greater understanding of how serious threats – overfishing, widespread pollution and global climate change – are altering these environments.

To improve our knowledge of ocean ecosystems and the life they support, the Ocean Science Division pursues a diverse portfolio of projects related to marine conservation. We develop and support scientific research, technical analyses and syntheses of scientific information that help to explain critical emerging issues, inform policy and advance solutions to conservation problems.

As part of our work, Pew funds the Sea Around Us Project at the University of British Columbia.  The project has assembled global databases of fisheries information, including catches, prices, distribution of commercial marine species and marine protected areas. The project analyzes and maps data, documents the impact of fisheries, and devises recommendations to reverse harmful trends.


Sentinels Of the Ocean

The science of the world's penguins

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  • One Minute Dive

    Discover the world’s oceans and the people who study them, one minute at a time. Our One Minute Dive film series highlights the world-class Pew marine fellows and their important work to address ocean threats and challenges. Dive with these scientists in the fiords of Chilean Patagonia, visit the seagrass meadows of Malaysia, or take a stroll on the seafloor with an Indonesian walking shark.... Read More

  • World-Renowned Scientist Daniel Pauly Receives Top Ocean Prize

    Daniel Pauly, Ph.D., a longtime adviser to Pew marine fellows and founder of the Sea Around Us project, has received the Peter Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in Science. The prize, awarded May 14 in Washington, is named for the late marine conservationist and author of Jaws. Read More

  • Sentinels Of the Ocean

    This report summarizes current scientific understanding of penguin biology and the place of these important seabirds in the global ecosystem. It also offers some general recommendations for safeguarding penguins, including ocean zoning, ecosystem-based management, and habitat protections. Read More

Walking Shark Discovery

Walking Shark

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