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Science provides a critical foundation for effective environmental conservation measures. Pew pursues a diverse portfolio of scientific projects to answer key questions and provide practical data.

Pew’s experts develop, support, and communicate scientific research and technical analyses that explain critical emerging issues, inform policy, and advance solutions to conservation problems.


Sentinels Of the Ocean

The science of the world's penguins

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  • Safer Fishing Gear Can Also Be Profitable

    A new economic analysis concludes that deep-set buoy gear—innovative equipment for catching swordfish that minimizes the catch of nontarget species such as dolphins and sea lions—can be profitable for fishermen and provide a volume of locally caught swordfish comparable to the predominant method, drift gillnets. These findings come as the Pacific Fishery Management Council is... Read More

  • Unexpected Abundance of Fish in Some Reefs Hints at Better Conservation Strategies

    According to a new study published in the prestigious journal, Nature, scientists have discovered a handful of “bright spots” among the world’s embattled coral reefs that together suggest an improved approach to conservation that includes local involvement in reef management. In one of the largest global studies of its kind, researchers evaluated 2,500 reefs across 46 countries... Read More

  • How to Catch Parrotfish While Protecting Coral Reefs

    A simple change to Caribbean fisheries management could help sustain both coral reefs and fishermen in the face of climate change, according to a new study by Pew marine fellow Peter Mumby, an ecologist at the University of Queensland, Australia, and four colleagues. Read More


The Environment Science project develops and supports scientific research that help to explain critical emerging issues, inform policy and advance solutions to conservation problems.

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