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  • One Minute Dive

    The world's oceans are vitally important to all life on Earth. However, human activities are altering marine ecosystems in highly detrimental ways. To better protect our oceans, we need a greater understanding of how serious threats – overfishing, widespread pollution and global climate change – are altering these environments. Read More

  • Coral Reefs Reduce Risks From Natural Hazards

    A new study in Nature Communications provides the first global analysis of how coral reefs reduce risk from storms, flooding and sea level rise. Read More

  • The Ross Sea Through the Lens of John Weller

    Representatives of two-dozen countries and the European Union—the member governments of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, or CCAMLR—will meet this month to determine whether some of the waters of the Antarctic, including the Ross Sea, will be protected or left open to industrial fishing. Read More

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