Laurence J. McCook, Ph.D.

Marine Conservationist
James Cook University
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Environment and Sustainability Branch
City, State, Zip
2-68 Flinders Street, P.O. Box 1379 Townsville, Queensland 4810
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Laurence McCook is an adjunct principal research fellow at Australia’s James Cook University and works in science-based management of marine ecosystems, especially coral reefs. McCook’s Pew fellowship in marine conservation focused on management and policy initiatives to protect the resilience of coral reefs under climate change. This included developing and delivering a series of workshops on coral reef management across Indonesia and in Malaysia. McCook contributed important research addressing a critical gap in scientific knowledge about the ecology of reef algae and their impacts on coral reef systems under climate change. Additionally, he clearly demonstrated major accomplishments regarding the incorporation of existing scientific understanding into the practical, real-world management of coral reefs to enhance reef resilience. McCook has more than 30 years’ experience studying coral reefs in Australia, the Coral Triangle, the Pacific, and the Caribbean, as well as in temperate ecosystems. To learn more about McCook, visit his bio online: