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  • Students Serve Healthy, Delicious School Lunches to U.S. Senators

    High school students from across the country donned chef’s coats and served their award-winning recipes to U.S. senators this month during a lunch celebrating the Cooking up Change competition. The event and related meetings with members of Congress and their staffs gave the teenagers an opportunity to contribute to the discussion about national school meal policy as federal lawmakers... Read More

  • Standing Stone Elementary School

    In the cafeteria at Standing Stone Elementary in Pennsylvania’s Huntingdon Area School District, kids raised on farms sit with peers whose parents work at nearby colleges and correctional facilities. Food Service Director Peg McNitt and her staff strive to make the lunchroom a place where every student can feel at ease and enjoy the nutritious food that all children need. Read More

  • Perry County Central High School

    School cafeterias offer social opportunities that hold extra importance for students in Perry County, Kentucky, where the Appalachian terrain can make travel between communities and to out-of-school events difficult. Because of this, the school food service staff at Central High School makes a special effort to provide a welcoming, hassle-free experience that attracts kids to the lunchroom and... Read More

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