Improving End-of-Life Care

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  • Economic Mobility, Economic Security, and the Future of Employment

    A job and a connection to the labor market remains the primary source of income for many families. But today’s workforce is vastly different than it was at almost any point during the 20th century. Workers are entering the labor market at a slower rate, older adults are staying in the labor force longer, and millennials now represent the largest share of the American workforce. Workers... Read More

  • Refocusing the Punishment Paradigm

    Any parent can tell you that timeouts, groundings, and other punishments only go so far in encouraging good behavior. If kids are scolded over and over again, the reprimands can lose their effect: Walls go up, and cooperation goes down. But throw in a few high-fives or thumbs-ups to recognize a nice job clearing the dishes or picking up after a baby sister, and attitudes may brighten—and... Read More

  • The New Age of Invention

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    Philadelphia: From engineering to public policy to the internet, human ingenuity and invention are constantly changing lives. Yet new knowledge—and innovative ways to live and work that are the result of technological change—also presents new dilemmas. On Wednesday, July 19, join contributors to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ latest issue of Trend magazine to discuss how modern... Read More