Improving End-of-Life Care

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  • A Look at How—and How Many—States Adopt Electronic Poll Books

    Electronic poll books (also e-poll books, or EPBs) are digitized voter registries, used in lieu of paper voter lists at polling places to check in voters on Election Day or during early voting. E-poll books can also perform a variety of additional functions that paper rolls cannot, such as ballot production, same-day registration, and verification of ballot totals after polls close. Jurisdictions... Read More

  • The Relationship Between Community Development and Health

    Health impact assessment can be a useful tool to address a range of health-related areas in the community development sector, including economic development, infrastructure, community organizing, and access to resources. This figure illustrates the connections among these factors and health. Read More

  • Less Incarceration, Less Crime

    States are finding new ways to get smart on crime and, in the process, changing how America views crime and punishment. After decades of rising prison populations, reforms in 33 states have helped cut the national incarceration rate by 13 percent since 2007. That data point drives this episode’s conversation about the new approaches, informed by research-based sentencing and corrections policies,... Read More