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  • Bottineau Transitway HIA

    Hennepin County’s Department of Housing, Community Works and Transit (HCWT) conducted an HIA to inform planning decisions on the proposed Bottineau Transitway. The transitway proposal would create a new bus or light rail line extending from downtown Minneapolis through North Minneapolis and into neighboring suburbs. The HIA was coordinated with the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that... Read More

  • Providing Free or Reduced Fare Student Bus Passes to Reduce Truancy HIA Issue Brief

    This health impact assessment evaluated the potential academic, health, and economic impacts of subsidizing the costs of student bus passes in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County School Attendance Task Force, or SATF, is interested in developing a program to further subsidize the cost of bus passes for low-income students in order to increase school attendance. During town hall meetings... Read More

  • Hawaii County Agriculture Development Plan HIA

    Between March 2010 and December 2011, The Kohala Center, together with researchers from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Hawai’i and the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture, as well as local stakeholders in agriculture, health, and public policy, conducted a HIA of three Hawai‘i County Agriculture Development Plan policy recommendations with strong potential impact on... Read More

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