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  • Research Underway to Evaluate Health Impact Assessment Process

    Factors such as housing, transportation, and education can all affect people’s health, but decision-makers in these and similar sectors might not know about or act on these connections. A tool known as a health impact assessment (HIA) can help identify the potential health effects of a proposed policy, project, plan, or program, in part, by bringing a wider range of stakeholders into the... Read More

  • Racial Divides Persist in U.S. Health Outcomes

    Data from a variety of sources show that health outcomes for African-Americans often fall short of those for white populations, a persistent reality that can be attributed to multiple factors such as socioeconomics and geography. Read More

  • New Interactive Tools Track Bills and Laws

    States spend billions of dollars annually on health care costs, and policymakers increasingly recognize that decisions made in sectors such as transportation, energy, and housing affect those expenditures. To ensure that health is considered in decision-making, leaders in several states have taken up bills to require that local officials, planners, and others evaluate potential health effects... Read More

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