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Research & Analysis

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  • Developing Communities With Health in Mind

    The Health Impact Project spends a great deal of time talking about the social determinants of health and about health equity, but what do these terms really mean? Simply put, a person’s health is affected by a complex array of social and environmental factors, which research shows are best addressed in a comprehensive and coordinated way. A Texas-based nonprofit, Foundation... Read More

  • Health Impact Project Provides Training to Local Health Department Staff

    Our environment contributes to our overall health: Where we live, where we work, and where we play all make a difference in our well-being. Yet avoidable factors influence these areas of our lives and may have a negative impact on the health of certain populations. For example, living in an area with no access to grocery stores that stock affordable, healthful foods can affect obesity rates, the... Read More

  • 2014 Call for Proposals HIA Program Grant Webinar

    Our fourth call for proposals supports two types of initiatives, including HIA program grants that enable organizations with experience with HIAs to develop sustainable HIA programs that integrate the assessments and related approaches in policymaking at the local, state, or tribal levels. The Health Impact Project hosted a general information web conference for all interested... Read More

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