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  • The Relationship Between Community Development and Health

    Health impact assessment can be a useful tool to address a range of health-related areas in the community development sector, including economic development, infrastructure, community organizing, and access to resources. This figure illustrates the connections among these factors and health. Read More

  • Kids Score Skate Park Using Health Data

    To improve safety for skaters in their neighborhood, a coalition of San Diego kids lobbied hard for a new skate park, but they were having a hard time getting city officials to take them seriously. To convince decision-makers and skeptical community members, the coalition used data from a health impact assessment (HIA) to make their case. Read More

  • Health Impact Assessment: Kern County’s Land-Use & Transportation Plan

    Kern County, California is central to America’s agriculture industry, but it’s also home to high rates of poverty and poor health outcomes. Rural areas like Lamont face especially high rates of asthma, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. With support from the Health Impact Project and The California Endowment, the community conducted a health impact assessment (HIA) to inform... Read More

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