Gulf of Mexico Ocean Conservation

Fishing in U.S. Oceans is undergoing an incredible transition and it took a lot to get here. Watch the videos that helped us arrive at this sea change.


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  • Deep-Sea Corals: A New Frontier of Ocean Exploration

    Deep-sea corals are home to an astonishing array of marine life that science is just beginning to explore. But some fishing and energy development practices can damage these ocean treasures. Once harmed, deep-sea corals can take centuries to recover, so it’s vital that we protect them fully now. Read More

  • Little Fish Are a Big Deal to Florida

    Forage fish hold Florida’s marine food webs together. These smallschooling fish feed on microscopic plants and animals and in turnserve as a critical food source for fish and wildlife. They make upabout 20 percent of the commercial catch off Florida’s shores. Read More

  • A Glimpse Into the Underwater Web of Life

    Some of the smallest fish in the sea play one of the biggest roles in ocean ecosystems. Baitfish, such as mullet, ballyhoo, and sardines—also known as forage species—are food for seabirds; marine mammals, including whales and dolphins; and important fish species, such as tarpon, grouper, and king mackerel. Without enough forage fish, marine ecosystems that provide recreation, jobs, and seafood... Read More

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