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  • Tuna Managers Must Favor Precaution Over Politics to Protect Atlantic Bluefin's Recovery

    The key scientific committee responsible for providing advice to governments managing tuna fishing in the Atlantic Ocean wrapped up a meeting today in Madrid in disappointing fashion: by providing risky management recommendations that favors short-term economic gain over long-term sustainability of Atlantic bluefin tuna.  Read More

  • The Story of Atlantic Bluefin

    The story of Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of intrigue, filled with international drama, mafia connections, and plot twists worthy of a movie. The main character—Thunnus thynnus—is the largest and most athletic tuna, which can grow to the size of a small car and travel nearly as fast as one too. An Atlantic bluefin starts out no bigger than an eyelash and grows to several hundred... Read More

  • Has Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Recovered? Not Yet.

    Despite improvements in the numbers of eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna, a new stock assessment concludes that it’s too early to declare this once severely depleted population fully rebuilt. The determination by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) comes as many groups, including The Pew Charitable Trusts, had expected to be celebrating... Read More

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