Global Tuna Conservation

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  • Saving Bluefin Tuna

    Pacific bluefin tuna are in trouble. After decades of overfishing, the population hovers at less than 3 percent of its original size, and the unsustainably high catch of juveniles—the smallest fish—threatens the species' continued existence. Read More

  • Harvest Strategies: Understanding how the process works

    Traditional fisheries management is a two-step process: First scientists conduct stock assessments, and then fishery managers negotiate measures, such as quotas or time-area closures, to make sure that the resource—the targeted fish—is being used optimally and sustainably. While this seems simple enough, the current approach is anything but. Read More

  • Reference Points & Rules: Managing Fisheries for the Future

    International agreements provide principles and guidance for the management of highly migratory fish stocks, including support for reference points-based management. Seventy States and the European Union have ratified the United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement of 1995. The treaty calls on States to take a number of steps, including to “… determine, on the basis of the best scientific... Read More

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