Global Shark Conservation

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The plight of sharks and the work of Pew’s Global Shark Conservation Campaign has been documented through videos, reports, fact sheets and other material that you can find below.

Research & Analysis

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  • Shark Dive Tourism Is Big Business in The Bahamas

    A recent study published in the journal Biological Conservation  has found that sharks and rays contributed US$114 million to the Bahamian economy in 2014, with 99 percent of this value generated by the shark and ray tourism sector. The new research contributes to a growing recognition that shark conservation provides significant economic benefits in addition to critical conservation value. Read More

  • Shark Conservation Sees Global Gains in 2016

    To stay alive and keep oxygen flowing through their gills, some shark species must swim constantly. That’s pretty much how The Pew Charitable Trusts’ shark conservation team felt throughout 2016 as we spanned the globe—from the U.S. and the Caribbean to China, Africa, and remote Pacific islands—securing major policy wins to protect numerous species of the megafauna that... Read More

  • ICCAT at a Crossroads

    The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) marked its 50th anniversary last month by furthering member commitments to overhauling management of key fish stocks following scientific advice, an approach that could help to secure the long-term sustainability of valuable Atlantic fisheries. Still, member nations failed to take urgently needed steps to set... Read More

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