Global Shark Conservation


Learn more about the Global Shark Conservation Campaign's international partners.

  • Bahamas National Trust, The Bahamas
    In 1959, The Bahamas National Trust was charged with the conservation and preservation of places of historic interest and natural beauty in The Bahamas. With a focus on conserving their natural resources, The Bahamas National Trust was a logical partner for Pew’s shark campaign. Through outreach to schools and the general public, hosting public events, and collaboration with the government, the Global Shark Conservation Campaign’s partnership with The Bahamas National Trust succeeded in raising awareness for establishing a shark sanctuary in The Bahamas. Currently, the campaign is working to implement the sanctuary and increase local knowledge of the new regulations.
  • Coral Reef Alliance, Fiji
    Founded in 1994, the Coral Reef Alliance works exclusively to unite communities to protect our planet's coral reefs. One of their current focuses is making progress toward the creation of sustainable coral reefs and communities in Fiji. As a result, the Global Shark Conservation Campaign has partnered with the Coral Reef Alliance to engage and educate local stakeholders from the confederacies, provinces, districts, and villages of Fiji to ensure long-lasting protection for sharks.
  • IndyACT, Lebanon
    In 2006, a group of independent activists joined together with the motto: “Passion with Professionalism” to form IndyACT— 'the League of Independent Activists.' With a vision for a healthy and beautiful planet, the Global Shark Conservation Campaign partnered with IndyACT to work in the Arab region raising awareness about the need to protect sharks and the possibility of a shark sanctuary in the Middle East.
  • Shark Alliance
    Pew initiated and coordinates the Shark Alliance, a global, not-for-profit coalition of more than 100 nongovernmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving shark conservation policies around the world.