Global Shark Conservation

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Coverage of Pew’s efforts to save the sharks spans the globe; a sampling is provided below.


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  • Pew Applauds New Caribbean Shark Sanctuaries

    Sharks are safer across the Caribbean Sea, with the announcement of four new shark sanctuaries in the region. Prime Minister William Marlin of St. Maarten and Wayne Panton, minister of financial services, commerce, and environment for the Cayman Islands, today announced that their exclusive economic zones (EEZs) are completely closed to commercial shark fishing. Read More

  • Pew Commends Broad Global Support for Proposed Shark and Ray Protections

    WASHINGTON—In an unprecedented global call to action, more than 50 countries have agreed to co-sponsor one or more of the proposals to nominate all species of thresher shark, the silky shark, and all species of mobula ray for protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).  Read More

  • Healthy Oceans Need Sharks

    Forty years ago this summer, American moviegoers met an animal that "lives to kill ... a mindless eating machine ... that will swallow you whole." Those words, from the trailer for the June 1975 release of "Jaws," helped establish the erroneous, and, sadly, enduring image of sharks as vicious, voracious man-eaters. Read More

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