Global Shark Conservation

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  • Whip-tailed Thresher Sharks Help Island Recover After Typhoon

    After Typhoon Haiyan devastated Malapascua in the Philippines, thresher shark tourism helped this island rebuild. Now, islanders are hoping to return the favor by advocating for trade protections for vulnerable thresher sharks. A CITES Appendix II listing would ensure these sharks are traded responsibly and not fished to extinction. It would also help ensure that these sharks don’t... Read More

  • How to Save Vulnerable Thresher Sharks

    See thresher sharks up close underwater, and get the facts about these animals. Up to 3.9 million thresher sharks are killed each year in commercial fisheries, far above sustainable levels. This September, Governments around the globe have the opportunity help give these species the protections they need through an Appendix II listing on CITES. Read More

  • Mobula Rays Need Protection Now

    Stunning underwater footage shows large groups of mobula rays on the move. However, due to escalating demand for gill plates, mobula ray populations have declined up to 99 percent around the world. Let’s keep these rays swimming with a CITES Appendix II listing to help prevent their global extinction. Read More