Global Penguin Conservation

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  • The Great Krill Debate

    Antarctic krill, the tiny, shrimplike crustaceans that form the base of the Southern Ocean food web, are in high demand—and not just from the species that depend on them for food. While predators like penguins and whales rely on krill as essential protein, a booming fishing industry has become increasingly concentrated around the Antarctic Peninsula—the fastest-warming place on the... Read More

  • Celebrating Today's Penguin Awareness Day with Ideas for Conserving Habitat and Species

    Although much of Pew’s global penguin conservation work has focused on protecting the world-famous penguins of Antarctica, the majority of penguin species don’t live on the frozen continent. In fact, only 6 of 18 species live there, which means that many other populations of the Southern Hemisphere’s penguins are in need of conservation efforts, too. These include the endangered... Read More

  • Protecting Biodiversity on a Changing Planet

    Science has shown that the warming of our planet is driving environmental change. But research, technical assistance, and advocacy can help safeguard the natural environment, encourage sustainable development and increase renewable energy. Read More

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