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  • Protecting the World's Penguins

    Penguins, charismatic and quirky birds, have inspired films, books, comic strips, and sports teams. But despite their global popularity, many penguin populations are in trouble, and humans are largely to blame. The Southern Hemisphere is home to 18 species of penguin that range in size and appearance, but all share common traits. From the 75-pound, 4-foot-tall emperor penguin of Antarctica to the... Read More

  • Countdown to Consensus for Creating Marine Reserves in Antarctica's Southern Ocean

    The seas surrounding the frozen continent of Antarctica harbor some of the most pristine marine ecosystems left on our planet, supporting an abundant yet fragile web of life. Whales, penguins, and seals share the waters of the Southern Ocean with thousands of spectacular but little-known creatures, such as bioluminescent worms, brilliant starfish, and ghostlike octopuses. Twenty-four countries... Read More

  • The Case for a Marine Reserve in the Ross Sea

    The Ross Sea is among the most hauntingly beautiful and species-rich marine environments in the world. Covering 3.6 million square kilometres (1.9 million square miles) in a horseshoe-shaped embayment clinging to the Antarctica coast south of New Zealand, the region supports species that have thrived essentially as they have for millennia. At the urging of scientists and conservation leaders, 24... Read More

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