Global Ocean Legacy

Pacific Remote Islands

In June 2014, the administration of President Barack Obama announced it would expand protections for the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. This collection of seven islands, atolls, and reefs between Hawaii and American Samoa contains nearly 250 seamounts, or undersea mountains, as well as amazing coral ecosystems that provide breeding, nursery, and feeding grounds for whales, sea turtles, fish, and millions of seabirds.

Only 1 percent of the world’s oceans are fully protected. Scientists have called for the designation of as much as 30 percent of the sea as no-take marine reserves. Fully protecting special areas safeguards them from harmful human activities, builds species abundance, develops resilience, and improves ecosystem diversity. These sanctuaries provide many marine creatures the best refuge from the numerous threats facing our oceans.

The Pew Charitable Trusts is working with scientists, stakeholders, and the public to ensure that the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument receives the additional protection it deserves.

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