Fiscal Federalism Initiative

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Pew's Fiscal Federalism Initiative is currently exploring the impact of federal tax and spending changes on the states by investigating:

  • The sensitivity of state budgets to changes in federal spending;
  • The interconnectedness of federal and state tax policies;
  • How federal regulatory policy has a fiscal impact on states; and
  • The impact of federal tax and spending policies on state economies and the potential indirect effect on state finances.

Our original, non-partisan research gives both state and federal policy makers the information they need to make informed fiscal decisions.

Research & Analysis

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  • States Would Feel Impact of Federal Tax Reform

    Comprehensive federal tax reform, a key topic of discussion among policymakers and the news media, could have significant repercussions for states because they are connected to and affected by federal tax policy in myriad ways. Changes to federal deductions and credits could directly affect state tax systems, thus affecting revenue, and could have indirect impacts such as raising states'... Read More

  • State Fiscal Policy Toolkit

    The Pew Charitable Trusts researches the fiscal challenges faced by states and examines the policy options available to address them. The resources listed below, which include comprehensive 50-state assessments, illuminate common concerns and creative solutions to help policymakers understand the issues and learn from one another’s experiences. Read More

  • Share of States’ Budgets From Federal Grants Stabilizes

    Although total federal dollars to states increased by $22.9 billion, or 4.5 percent, the federal share didnot increase markedly because states’ tax collections increased enough to keep the proportion relatively stable. Read More

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