Financial Security and Mobility

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  • The State of the American Dream

    In this inaugural episode, host Dan LeDuc interviews Erin Currier, director of Pew’s financial security and mobility project, on the state of the American Dream and the financial well-being of American families. The conversation focuses on “data point 92”—the percentage of American families that are seeking financial security rather than economic mobility. Read More

  • How Do U.S. Workplace Benefits Differ?

    Benefit offerings and their costs to employers vary widely across job types. This interactive tool allows users to explore how a business’s industry, size, and the level of pay it provides to workers affect the type and costs of the benefits offered. Read More

  • Portrait of Financial Security

    This interactive highlights the financial balance sheets of 17 family types and illustrates how household demographics, such as education, race, and family structure, relate to financial security. Users can explore three areas of the balance sheet—income, wealth, and liquid savings—to better understand how families are doing financially and how they perceive their financial well-being. The... Read More

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