Financial Security and Mobility

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Meet the team

Erin Currier


Erin Currier directs Pew’s work on family financial security and mobility. The project conducts original research to assess differences in family balance sheets across diverse U.S. households and to gauge the degree to which Americans’ short-term economic security relates to their longer-term economic mobility.  Currier previously oversaw Pew’s economic mobility project.

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Clinton Key

Research officer

Clinton Key, is research officer for savings and financial security and develops rigorous data collection and analysis strategies to create a better understanding of household saving behavior and the role of savings in people’s lives. Key previously served as research officer with Pew’s safe checking in the electronic age program studying transaction accounts and consumer safeguards in financial products. 

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Sarah Sattelmeyer


Sarah Sattelmeyer is an officer with Pew’s family financial security and mobility project, which conducts original research to assess family balance sheets across diverse U.S. households and the degree to which short-term financial security relates to longer-term economic mobility. Sattelmeyer works to advance the project’s comprehensive research agenda and manages its staffing of the Senate Economic Mobility Caucus, a bipartisan forum for dialogue on mobility-related issues.

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Media Contact

Mark Wolff

Director, Communications