Ending Illegal Fishing Project

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  • Implementing the Port State Measures Agreement

    In cooperation with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), through its Stop Illegal Fishing (SIF)Working Group, and six African countries,1 Pew has supported the development of a capacity needs assessment(CNA) methodology, part of a set of tools that we have committed to help develop to ensure that States havethe necessary instruments to effectively implement the PSMA and can... Read More

  • Tracking Fishing Vessels Around the Globe

    Two decades after satellite-based vessel monitoring systems (VMS) began taking on an increased role in fisheries management—because of their ability to track the location and monitor the activities of fishing vessels around the world—new technologies are allowing these systems to be fully integrated into fisheries management plans. Today, VMS have become a critical tool in the global... Read More

  • Seafood Supply Chain Is Key in Efforts to End Illegal Fishing

    I have written before about how the increasing global demand for seafood poses challenges for fisheries management. I've also addressed how illegal fishing is compounding those issues, degrading important marine ecosystems, and harming coastal residents and law-abiding fishers around the world. Read More

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