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We conduct policy-relevant research to identify areas of strength and weakness in current elections systems and to evaluate possible solutions. The findings help states improve the way elections are administered in the U.S.

Research & Analysis

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  • States Counted More Military Votes in 2014, Aim to Improve Further

    Among the many improvements in the nation’s election administration that are documented in The Pew Charitable Trusts’ latest Elections Performance Index (EPI), military and overseas voting—a high priority of state and local election officials—stands out as an area of success for many states. Between the 2010 and 2014 midterms, the proportion of military and overseas... Read More

  • 2 More States Add Online Voter Registration

    Rhode Island and Kentucky are the latest states to launch online voter registration systems, bringing to 32—plus the District of Columbia—the number of states that allow citizens to register to vote and upgrade their registrations entirely online. Online registration is more convenient and efficient for voters, consumes less time and resources of state and local officials, and results... Read More

  • Voting Information Project Tool Helps Oregonians Find Ballot Drop-Off Locations

    In advance of the May 17 presidential primary, the Oregon secretary of state’s office customized and embedded the Voting Information Project’s (VIP) Voting Information Tool to help voters find ballot drop box locations throughout the state. Elections in Oregon are conducted entirely by mail, but voters have the option to drop off their ballots at secure sites maintained by each county. Read More

Military and Overseas Voting

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