Election Initiatives

We conduct policy-relevant research to identify areas of strength and weakness in current elections systems and to evaluate possible solutions. The findings help states improve the way elections are administered in the U.S.

Research & Analysis

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  • Public Attitudes on Election Administration

    Technology is changing election administration across the nation. To help election officials better understand what voters know and don't know, The Pew Charitable Trusts conducted surveys in eight states with the help of Public Opinion Strategies and the Mellman Group. These surveys assessed whether voters support use of technology in elections, including interstate data sharing such as that... Read More

  • What Texans Think About Voting

    67% of Texans support keeping voter records up to date by letting states compare data. After hearing arguments for and against such a policy, large majorities supported interstate comparisons of official records, such as driver’s license, change-of-address,and death records. Read More

  • What New Mexicans Think About Voting

    21 years after passage of the Motor Voter law, 45 percent of New Mexico voters polled don’t know they can register to vote through the state motor vehicle agency. Read More

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