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Upgrading Voter Registration

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Voter registration systems are intended to ensure access to voting while preventing opportunities for fraud. But state registration systems often are not equipped with the tools necessary to keep up with an increasingly mobile society and rely too heavily on inefficient paper forms. This can lead to errors in the voter lists and unnecessary expense.

To address these issues, Pew partners with election officials, policymakers, technology experts, and other stakeholders to make voter registration systems more cost-effective, modern, and secure, using the following technologies:

  • Online voter registrationOnline voter registration is an increasingly popular option that enhances voter convenience, reduces costs, and improves data security by eliminating the need for paper, printing, and mail.
  • Automating motor voter registrationVoter registration at motor vehicle agencies—commonly referred to as Motor Voter—is one of the most common gateways to the voter rolls. Pew works with state election officials and motor vehicle administrators to increase interagency coordination and improve Motor Voter systems.
  • The Electronic Registration Information Center. ERIC is a multistate partnership that harnesses the latest technology to securely compare state data and keep voter information more up-to-date. State participation promotes more comprehensive and accurate voter rolls and registration systems and reduces costs associated with inaccurate lists.

Together, Pew and its state and national partners are building on cutting-edge practices to bring voter registration systems into the 21st century.

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