Economic Development Tax Incentives


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Where We Work

Pew’s experts are working with state lawmakers, agency staff and economic development officials to advance policies that make tax incentive programs effective, accountable and fiscally sound. Our technical assistance to states addresses challenges such as:

  • Defining clear goals for each tax incentive program
  • Estimating and controlling incentive costs
  • Measuring incentives’ economic impact
  • Establishing a strategic schedule to evaluate all incentives regularly
  • Ensuring that evaluation results are considered in policy and budget deliberations
  • Obtaining critical data needed for meaningful evaluations

The Pew Charitable Trusts is partnering with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness on an initiative that engages forward-thinking teams of economic development policymakers and practitioners from seven states to improve data transparency, accuracy, and reporting on the performance of incentive programs. Please see our business incentives initiative page for more information.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Pew’s project may assist your state. Please send your inquiry to Jeremy Ratner at

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